There is no disputing that the purpose of security is to protect, though not necessarily at all costs, and on each occasion the service must be necessary, relevant and proportionate to the concern.

Organisations survive through hiring the right people, having the correct assets and performing efficient activities. People use the assets to carry out activities and successfully meet desired objectives.


Removing any element from that equation increases the risk of failure. Peregrine International provides solutions to keep people safe, secure assets and protect activities.


Business & Industry

Peregrine International is a significant partner to promoting business and industry resilience –contributing to organisations overall management of risk. Commercially, security is focused on the protection against loss (loss of life, loss of asset, loss of continuity, loss of information, loss of compliance, loss of reputation, loss of opportunity, loss of profit).

Effectively managed security risk adds value to an organisation, bringing stakeholder confidence that their business is in a strong position to succeed, and is a dependable investment. Insuring against business interruption provides financial safety but does not contribute to building a reliable and reputable brand. Peregrine International delivers effective services to make a business resilient against security threats, assuring performance level stability and continuity, through the appropriate protection of people, assets and activities.

Legal & Financial

Key decisions are based on reliable and accurate information, which is not always forthcoming without detailed enquiries. Having the correct facts allows organisations to make sound judgement on an array of subjects – entering new partnerships, acquiring or merging enterprises, embarking on new ventures, gaining a foothold in new markets, recruiting new personnel, resolving staff integrity concerns, or settling costly disputes.

Peregrine International can identify the source of the required information, gather appropriate evidence, and present the relevant data to ensure your organisation continues to make informed and cost effective choices. Further, competitors may seek out your confidential knowledge and intellectual property for their own gains. This may be attempted through technical methods or approaches to key members of your staff. Peregrine International offers information assurances, technical defences and protection against social engineering.

Aid & Development

It is an unfortunate truth that many people around the world are let down by those in positions of trust and are reliant on assistance and support from international aid and development agencies. Such circumstances have varied root causes, ranging from inefficient management of natural disasters or disease epidemics, internal or regional conflict, or simply corrupt governance. Regardless of origins and the best of intentions, providing vital aid to communities in need is often challenging, and occasionally occurs in areas of ongoing hostilities, and is not without risk.

Preparing staff and securing projects is crucial to ensure the required assistance is delivered fairly and efficiently. Focusing strongly on community engagement, and inviting all stakeholders to identify a sustainable solution, Peregrine International staff have valued experience in aid and development programs. From pre-deployment training, security risk identification and appropriate mitigation strategy, Peregrine International is an ideal partner to assist in the implementation of humanitarian assistance.

Private Families

Security issues affects every person in some way during their life, without exception. Families of higher net worth have the increased concern of being targeted due to their status. Safeguarding loved ones is a delicate though necessary requirement, and protecting valuable assets ensures acquired lifestyles are not undermined. Higher profile individuals and families also have the added risk of constant intrusion in to private lives. Peregrine International are experienced professionals at delivering discreet personal security and protecting privacy.