Security Risk Management

Control and Continuity

Effective management of security risk is an essential tool for an organisation’s resilience, continued stability and growth. Increasingly, successful enterprises are recognising the importance of managing all risks effectively, not only to protect existing assets but also to create opportunities.

From the initial recognition of security concerns through to the development and implementation of effective solutions, Peregrine International provides subject matter experts to fulfil the function of a Security Manager.

This may range from specific project support, a retained advisory, oran embedded consultant. Peregrine International takes great pride in supplying expertise to develop security management structures and complement existing resources.

  • Asset Register Assessment
  • Site Security Surveys, Audits and Recommendations
  • Implementation of Security Policies, Plans and Procedures
  • Site Security Design
  • Management of Security Teams
  • Training and Development of Security Teams
  • Information Security & Assurance
  • Emergency Contingency Planning
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Incident & Crisis Management
  • Site Penetration & Vulnerability Assessment (Tiger Teams/Red Cells)
  • Security Services Broker
  • Event Security Manager

Intelligence, Research, Investigation, Surveillance

360 Degree Vision

Critical to any organisation’s success is information, and Peregrine International can provide assurances for your own data or, where appropriate, can deliver timely and accurate facts to enable your enterprise to make informed decisions.

Whether the subject of the information is regarding recruitment, business partners orcompetitors, new ventures, new emerging markets, managing security risks or dealing with internal personnel integrity issues, Peregrine International can assist you to make the right choices for your business.

Peregrine International’s Intelligence, Research, Investigation & Surveillance (IRIS) services are designed to offer our clients the opportunity to maintain an efficient and secure working environment, helping to avoid unforeseen vulnerabilities, and also gain advantages over competitors, by being several steps ahead.

  • Due Diligence
  • Country & City Political and Security Risk Reports
  • Pre-employment Screening and Enhanced Vetting
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Contract & Convenant Compliance
  • Information Assurances - physcial and technical threats
  • Surveillance & Surveillance Detection
  • Investigation & Information Gathering

Security Operations

Deterrence and Protection

In the modern world, organisations around the world face risks and threats from a wide range of sources – including organised and opportunist crime, activists and terrorism. There is no better form of protection than having professional security personnel safeguarding your people and critical assets.

Whether high-rise offices, industrial buildings, remote field sites or key Executives conducting essential business in unfamiliar territory, Peregrine International offers its clients a broad range of high calibre security operations to ensure your continued success and growth.

Security Services & Support

  • Management of Security Teams (in-house teams or contracted service providers)
  • Training, Development and Capacity Building of Security Teams
  • Security Team Personnel – Commissionaires, Static Guards, Mobile Patrols, Dog Patrols
  • Security Systems – CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detector Systems
  • Physical Security Measures – Fencing, Lighting and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Satellite Tracking – Lone person, vehicles, trailers, plant equipment, containers

Security Operations - Special Projects

On occasion, there may be circumstances that warrant the need for specialist security services. Such situations can be wide and varied and may include travelling to unfamiliar countries or regions with poor infrastructure or a higher risk of crime, corruption and terrorism; a greater need to secure valuable information and intellectual property; uncertainty over associate integrity; or simply a wish to avoid intrusive media attention. Further, higher net-worth individuals and families are at greater risk from different criminal types.

Organisations have a scope of agendas, that can easily be to the disagreement of many other people and groups and as such you may, directly or indirectly, find that your own enterprise acquiring controversial associations and draw undesired, and potentially aggressive, attention – whether their motivation is financial, ethical, political or religious.

You may have a short term international business trip with key executives undertaking vital business with new partners; have a company facility overseas that is at risk from criminal activity or you may have a long term requirement to protect yourselves and your family from harm, Peregrine International offers bespoke Special Projects:

  • Security Threat Identification and Risk Assessments
  • Personal Security & Close Protection
  • Residential & Hotel Security
  • Travel Planning & Preparation
  • Security Training – situational awareness, information security
  • Travel Support Services
  • Incident response – man-made or natural disaster
  • Secure Courier (transport sensitive documents and personal valuables)
  • Transport Security Escort (escort valuable cargo)

Travel Support

Global Helping Hand

Executives and staff are a fundamental to every enterprise and they are often required to travel to a variety of destinations around the world. It is a company’s legal and moral responsibility to ensure they have done everything within their power to safeguard their employees whilst away from the office.

The world can be an unpredictable place, whether a natural disaster, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, or a man-made incident, which may include social and economic protests or a deliberate criminal incident or terrorist attack. Despite these real possibilities, organisational activities must continue in order to progress.

Peregrine International’s Travel Support Services enable organisations to be pro-active when ensuring their employee’s safety and security whilst conducting their business.

  • Country/City Briefs & Security Reports
  • Company Security Policy Design for Travellers
  • Travel Advice
  • Travel Planning & Preparation
  • Security Training – situational awareness, information security
  • Incident Response & Management
  • 24-hours Country & City Monitor – incident alerts
  • 24-hours Traveller support & advice
  • 24-hours Traveller Tracking – GPS, GSM/SMS with online web portal and mapping
  • 24-hours standby of specialist security teams, advisors and negotiators

Client Training

Providing Knowledge ~ Increasing Confidence

As the world becomes more accessible, market opportunities expand and successful organisations find themselves operating in new territories in order to gain a foothold in the local economy.

Morally and legally, companies have a duty of care to the safety and well-being of their personnel, and organisations must ensure they have done everything possible to protect their personnel, no matter where they are in the world.

Peregrine International offers a number of specific and bespoke training packages, designed to work around your needs, reassuring you that your employees are more than prepared, for any eventuality today and tomorrow’s unstable world has to offer.

  • Travel Safety - Planning and Procedures
  • Security & Situational Awareness -Personal Security and Information Security
  • Conflict Management – Work Place Violence, Criminal Assault
  • Driving Skills – Defensive, Evasive and Off-Road Driving
  • Crisis Response & Incident Management – Scene Response, Company Response & Management
  • Surveillance Awareness – Physical & Electronic Surveillance Prevention Methods
  • Kidnap Avoidance & Hostage Survival – Profile Reduction and Behaviour
  • Medical – First Responder, Trauma Management, Incident Scene Management