Case Studies

Case Study One

A financial organisation, based in the United States, was carrying out a number of employment contract terminations at their regional office in London, and was concerned that these unexpected redundancies may become hostile and potentially aggressive.

The client flew in to London from New York and Peregrine International was brought in to support the activity, and after a risk assessment was completed, a security plan was devised that provided discreet but responsive assistance should any unwanted behaviour occur during the termination notice meeting.

The support to the client extended to their hotel for the duration of their stay and concluded upon the safe arrival at the airport for departure.

Case Study Two

A company in the North of England had serious doubts over the long term illness claimed by one of their senior executives. After initial enquiries proved fruitless, Peregrine International was tasked with determining the truth.

The investigations team conducted surveillance and soon established that the individual was not only falsely claiming absenteeism, but also using company assets and company connections to set-up a competitive organisation and poach valuable contracts in the process.

Evidence produced brought about the successful, uncontested, termination of employment for the senior executive, and the contracts at risk were also secured assuring the financial stability of the client company.

Case Study Three

A large UK based sporting retail company was rejuvenating their supply chain, and was considering several storage and transport options.

Given the merchandise value and high risk of theft, Peregrine International security consultants visited a number of sites across the UK, and conducted a thorough security risk assessment of all the potential partner organisation’s and an audit of their physical security measures, policies, plans and procedures.

This was followed up with cost-benefit recommendations, and in some cases the client was advised to seek alternative supply chain providers.

Case Study Four

A United States based property management company was representing their partner in the purchase of real estate in several European countries.

The client organisation had a number of security related concerns, including establishing a business in these foreign countries and ensuring regulation compliance, management of likely corruption, building trusted working relationships with new partner organisations, and personal security of travelling executives representing the client company.

Peregrine International produced an in-depth Political and Security Risk Assessment, detailing the security concerns raised and recommending workable solutions. For the actual visit, a bespoke security plan was put together, managing the entire trip from selecting private transport, hotels, meeting venues, emergency plans, site visits and providing discreet personal security to accompany the client staff.

This effective management of security risk enabled a fruitful expansion of the client property portfolio.

Case Study Five

An international construction company was repeatedly targeted by intruders, deliberately causing damages to assets and stealing equipment. This resulted in disruption to project performance, and increased costs in order to repair and replace stolen items.

Peregrine International conducted a thorough security risk assessment, which also consisted of the identification of all vulnerabilities. Appropriate recommendations were provided, including the development of new security procedures and designation of a responsible security focal point. A local security service provider was sourced, that had effective CCTV and response capabilities.

The disruptions, caused by the damages and thefts, were eliminated and contingency planning allowed for the recovery of the project schedule, completing the project for their client on time, and within the agreed budget, generating further projects and business growth.

Case Study Six

An Information Technology enterprise was looking to improve its entire security approach, increasing their minimum standards and reliability in order to secure approval for new contracts. There had been a history of occasional crime in their area of the city, and an overnight alarm activation on the premises had previously resulted in the Managing Director been aggressively confronted by criminals.

Peregrine International completed a major overhaul of the security policies, plans and procedures for the physical security measures, information assurance and contingency planning. Appropriate CCTV and key holder response service providers were sourced and vetted, reducing the risk of harm towards client staff. The building’s landlord and other habitants been brought on-board to share costs and recognise their responsibilities for ensuring a safe and secure working environment for all residents.

The client’s customer was thoroughly satisfied with the upgrade of security, and improved reliability of the client, and a three year contract was subsequently awarded.